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Prouna Jewels, Swarovski Clad Luxury Bone China Dinnerware That Is Dishwasher Safe.

Yesterday on this blog, I shared with you many unusual items that incorporate Swarovski Austrian Crystals into their designs.

One of the companies I mentioned in that post was a luxury tableware company named Prouna. Today, I wanted to give you a better look at their luxury bone china dinnerware and tableware that incorporate the fast-becoming ubiquitous Swarovski Crystals.

above: the Diana place setting is adorned with baguette, round and cabochon amber and clear Swarovski crystals

Prouna is the luxury brand of Hankook Chinaware, a 60-year-old Seoul-based family business that has manufactured bone china for the likes of Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, and Royal Doulton for decades.

above: the Chain mugs withcolored or clear crystals and platinum or gold edging.

In 2005, they discovered a way to bond Swarovski crystals to china that are... hard to believe, but dishwasher safe. The Bahadorzadehs, a family of Iranian commodities traders specializing in steel, came across the company’s wares in 2008 and last year began exclusively distributing them in the United States through their showroom in New York.

The Prouna Jewel collection, as the crystal clad china is called, presently features multiple lines of dinnerware, espresso and tea service, most of which can be mixed and matched.

Platinum squiggles line the edges of the plates that are accented with clear Swarovski crystals

Best Wishes:
Best Wishes combines gold silhouettes of charms like cupid, horseshoe, italian horn and a heart with clear Swarovski Crystals and platinum details.

The most expensive ($995), Princess displays a platinum web pattern studded with clear round crystals.

The Diana place setting ($885) has amber and clear baguettes, round and cabochon crystals arranged in geometric, modern patterns on 24-karat-gold rims.

The Adonis place setting ($885) has amber and clear baguettes, round and cabochon crystals arranged in geometric, Art Deco-like patterns on 24-karat-gold rims.

Persia ($517) is a paisley pattern that has amber and clear baguette, round and cabochon crystals with gold and platinum accents.

A paisley pattern similar to Persia, only with platinum, blue and bronze accents and pale green, amber and clear crystals.

Regency Platinum:
a formal and more conservative pattern that has fine lines and small Swarovski crystals set linearally at the four points of the plates.

Two examples of their Tea Sets (teapot, creamer, sugar, mugs and saucers).


Some of their mugs and espresso cups, which are available in various colors:

above: gift items like the Princess vase and the Lucia vase, 14" tall bone china vases set with Swarovski Crystals for $8,150.00 and $11,680.00 respectively, are also part of the Prouna Jewel Collection

Prouna’s entire Jewel Collection comes with a lifetime guarantee to replace any errant crystals. See more of their collections and shop online here.

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