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Jan Vormann Combines The Very Old With The Very New in 2 Unusual Projects

Artist Jan Vormann's Dispatchwork, 2007, Venti Eventi - Bocchignano, Rome, Italy. Plastic construction pieces (e.g. Legos®) added to centuries old buildings in Italy:

The above project was done in Bocchignano, Italy, a village close to Rome, as part of the group project "20 Eventi". The group of artists developed projects for 4 villages of the Sabina region and decided to create a compilation of drawings, for collectors to purchase, and to support this project.

Moje, Twoje Miasto (My, Your city) - Art Museum, Lodz, Poland

For the exhibition "Moje Twoje Miasto" (My, your city) in Lodz, Poland, he created "destructif modernization":

A custom-shaped mirror was installed outside, on the right-hand corner-wall, of the Museum. Entering to visit the exhibition there seemed to appear a big whole in the building. By using the mirror as a material, he referred to one type of modern architecture, using reflecting surfaces as front.

Jan Vormann started his studies in Berlin and currently studies, lives and works in St. Petersburg.
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