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An Inside View of Jason Freeny's Unusual Art.

Jason Freeny of Moist Productions, Inc. is a self proclaimed artist, illustrator and crazy person (his words, not mine). He draws, sculpts and creates some very unusual digital artwork. First, I'm going to share with you some of his digital illustrations that have, say...a different point of view.

I bet you never gave much thought to the skeleton of a Dunny, or the innards of a balloon animal, or even the musculature of a Gummi bear, but Jason Freeny has.

Above: Visible Vinyl

Above: Pneumatic Anatomica

Above: Immaculate Confection

Above: Anatomy of a Gummi Bear

The above 12" x 12" prints sell for $59 a piece and larger ones may be available upon request. He sells many more digital prints as well as some originals.

Below are some of his graphite drawings:

And some of his fabulous sculpted figures:

See all of Jason Freeny's art on his Moist Productions website here.
And his myspace page here.

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