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Bottega Veneta Does Dishes: Introducing Intreccio Svenito Porcelain Dinnerware

Bottega Veneta, which is owned by the Gucci Group of French company PPR, has also teamed up with KPM (K├Ânigliche Porzellan-Manufaktur KPM), the porcelain company famously acquired in the 18th century by Prussian King Frederick the Great, for a range of dishes featuring a hand-painted version of the intreccio motif -- starting prices at around 85 euros.

The collection incorporates their famous woven leather motif, only hand painted upon porcelain to give a very unusual look and style.

Introducing Intreccio Svanito:

And don't forget, they make stunning woven leather chargers, placemats, napkin rings and more to compliment their new dishes.

And if you really want to fork out some dough, buy their dining room furniture to compliment your new dishes!

Visit the Bottega Veneta website to learn where to purchase and to see all of their fabulous items.

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