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Jemal Wright Bath Designs: For Those Who Like A Bold or Blingy Bathroom

Jemal Wright Bath Designs is unlikely to be mentioned in the same sentence as the words neutral, monochrome or tradition. Far from it. Jemal Wright Bath Designs are bright, bold and blingy. The kind of toilets you'd refer to as a commode rather than a crapper.

The designs consist of two lines of bathroom furnishings; The Chromeozone™ and the Isis™.
The pieces in the Chromeozone™ collection start with a chrome plated porcelain base to which dyes are added retaining the metallic sheen of chrome while adding flexibility of color:

The ISIS™ collection has the same chromed and dyed porcelain but come partially or completely handset with Swarovski crystals. You can add crystal studded flushing handles, screw caps and lid. Or you can have the entire commode handset with crystals:

Each piece is finished with the studio's signature logo and is numbered and recorded for authenticity:

With one of these in your home, I guess you'd have to excuse yourself to go to the jemal rather than the john.

Jemal Wright Bath Designs
1007 S 21st. Ave.
Hollywood, FL 33020

phone: 786.597.3661

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