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Funky Find Of The Week: The Whippet Bench by Radi Designers

above: The Whippet Bench

above: Resin Lacquered Whippet Bench in blue, gold and grey

above: Solid Revolution Resin Whippet Bench (residing outside a Tokyo bank).

above: the whippet bench at Design Miami, 2012

Product information: “whippet” bench, 2000 by radi designers

Producer: Galerie Kreo (buy it here)
Limited edition of 30 pieces and 5 Artist's proofs. - Numbered & signed pieces
Lacquered resin - various colors
Dimensions: Depth: 29,1 inches (74 cm), Length: 59 inches (150 cm), Height: 23 inches (58,5 cm)

Radi Designers

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