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New General Eco Store Green & Greener Opens Today!

Green and Greener is Los Angeles' first eco-living general store and design center offering a range of green products and services to help homeowners, business and contractors live, work and build greener. While many companies and stores claim to be 'green', these guys really go all out. They practice what they preach. And with a sense of humor to boot. Read on...

This is their 'mission' as stated on their site:
Helping people lead healthier lives for themselves and the planet by constantly striving to provide our customers with the most functional, well-designed, environmentally friendly, ethically sourced and locally produced products and design possible…dude.
They carry a broad array of green living products including:
* Clothing and Accessories
* Bath/Body
* Paints and Clay Plaster
* Cleaning and Laundry Products
* Books
* Towels and Linens
* Furniture
* Flooring and Wall Coverings
* Energy Efficient Light Bulbs
* Pet Products
* Gardening Supplies
* Fabrics
* And much more…

And services including:
* Interior and Landscape Design
* Green Living and Business Consulting
* Public Speaking
* In-house classes and special events

Whether it's for a woman, man, baby or pet. For the home, the bath or travel, they offer lots of bamboo and hemp items. Vegan, soy, sustainable, biodegradable, organic, renewable and basically, all around good for people and the planet.

Here's a small sampling of some items:

At Green & Greener

* They only use paper made with recycled post-consumer waste (PCW) or made without trees (made with hemp or kenaf, etc.) and they use vegetable-based inks whenever possible.
* They deliver our products by foot or bicycle locally.
* All of their electricity is generated by wind power.
* They offset carbon dioxide generated by shipping by buying carbon credits.
* They buy as locally as possible to avoid shipping long distances and to support our local economy.
* They donate at least 1% of our sales to charities.
* They constantly strive to lessen our impact on the earth.

green and greener
4838 laurel canyon boulevard
between huston and riverside
valley village

Grand Opening, Tuesday June 10, 2008. Come view our special eco-living inspired art show. Free gifts with every purchase on the 10th.
shop there now.

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