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The Perfect Gift For Father's Day.
That Right, Another Tie!

But this is no ordinary tie. It's a Josh Bach tie.

So, what's a Josh Bach Tie?
With clever imagery relevant to hobbies, interests, professions and places, don't mistake these for "novelty" ties. Made of 100% silk, these are well made, nicely designed original stylish neckwear. The patterns are varied and unusual. Some are escher-like, some are artful and some, from afar, can be likened to classic ties from the most expensive designers (we're talking Hermes), yet, up close they will charm you with their whimsy and originality.

Whether you need a gift for your father, brother, broker, buddy, baseball fan or simply yourself, chances are Josh Bach has a tie that suits you- and your suit. Designs range from demolished stadiums to dogbones, paper airplanes to pasta.... there are almost 90 different silk neckties to choose from. All of his ties make a wonderful statement about both the wearer and fashion.

Here are just a few:

Above from upper left clockwise; How To Tie A Tie, Vespa, United States, Cats, Paint By Numbers of The Mona Lisa, Space Invaders, Menorahs and Wheels.

There are so many more, I can't do them justice. To see all of the available patterns in men's ties, go here.

So, is there really a person named Josh Bach?

Formally trained as an architect, and having worked as an art director, Josh drew from experiences in both disciplines to create unique, original products meant to catch the eye. Whether it's bold artwork from the New York City subway map or the subtle pattern of the nighttime constellations, he creates clever, creative and very wearable interpretations of the everyday.

Dad doesn't wear ties? Josh Bach makes mens boxers in many, if not all, of the same great patterns:

See the boxers here.

Dad doesn't wear underwear? He also carries a large selection of black lacquer roller ball pens with various hobbies and professions as the clip:

See the pens here.

In addition to the above, he creates and carries 5" square leather valet trays lined in some of his fun patterns as well as 'catch-alls':

See the valet trays here.

His custom work is fabulous. Take a look at some of the pieces he's created for various companies and consumers here.

FAQS (from his site):
Our ties are hand finished to a length of 56" and a width of about 3 3/4".

We joined forces with Beau Ties Ltd. of Vermont and created bow ties from our best selling designs. They are indicated with this symbol on the website, and can be purchased at

Currently we only offer men's standard length ties (56" in length and a width of about 3 3/4").

A few of our designs are available in different color choices, but for the most part we only offer one color pattern. Our ties are driven more by concept and less by fashion trends. We do keep in mind wearable when we design our patterns, and that's why you'll find most of our ties come in traditional tones of blues and reds.

Manufactured in the heart of New York City, right at the South Street Seaport.

So, what are you waiting for? Father's Day will be here before you know it!

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