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Laura Goldstein's Silk Down Cushions: Twice As Nice As Most Pillows

Above: the front and back of Laura Goldstein's Swimming pillow

Laura Goldstein (aka Grotta & Co.) designs silk cushions that are about as divine as throw pillows get. Made with fine materials and down-filled, her stunning cushions are twice as nice given that the designs on either side are different and equally attractive.

Richly hued silk charmeuse, repeatedly hand-dyed, printed patterns drawn from nature, old family letters and flea market finds contribute to the beauty of each pillow. Feather inserts, hidden zippers on seams and piping in contrasting colors are just some of the details that make these both unique and impressive.

"My pieces are made with the intention that they will be around forever and passed down from mothers to daughters." says Laura.

In this age of mass-produced products, Goldstein's pieces are printed and dyed one at a time. All are slightly different. Many of her fabrics include a layer printed with hand-written family letters. The handwriting is from the late 1800s when penmanship played an important role in defining a person. In her larger works, she often hides a tiny image or two within the design--most of them symbols for good luck.

Some of her pillows shown below:

Goldstein comes from a specialty toy background and recognizes the need for all ages to play and dream. All of her collections boast two completed sides--giving the wearer a "two for one" experience. A pillow or scarf can be displayed one way or the other, displaying two completely different colors and images. Her scarves and wraps, when worn, play off this collage-like effect.

In addition to the beautiful pillows, she makes scarves with the same beautiful fabrics and patterns, also double sided, making them twice as pretty.

Where can you purchase these?
The Artful Home

Or check out the distributors on the Grotta & Co site here.

contact info:
Grotta & Co.
207 E. Buffalo St.
Suite 209
Milwaukee 53202
Phone: 414-273-8066

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