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Fu*k Me! Shoes: Chelsea Arts Club Artists Put Their Best Foot Forward

The Chelsea Arts Club of the UK had a combination auction burlesque show of artist decorated shoes (Terry de Havilland platform wedges) called Fu*k Me! Shoes in 2006. Although 2 years old, the feats (feets? lol) of art are still worth sharing.

The shoes were auctioned off on june 29th, 2006 in aid of the Chelsea Arts Club Trust, Trinity Hospice and Artists General Benevolent Institution.

The contributing artists were:
Allen Jones, Sir Peter Blake, Sandra Blow, Gus Cummins, Frank Phelan, Bruce Maclean, Peter Edwards, Christian Furr, Stella Vine, Sarah Lucas, Patrick Hughes, Ralph Steadman,David Shrigley, Olly & Suzi, Rupert Gatfield, Brendaon Neiland, Richard Evans, Don Smith, Stuart Luke Gatherer, Bill Jacklin, and Gray Jolliffe.

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