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Habidecor Bath Rugs: Bath Mats Never Looked This Good

Bathmats are usually so ugly, I avoid them altogether. But the luxurious, plush and uniquely designed rugs by the Portugal based Habidecor changed all that for me. But they don't come cheap, with the prices running from $75.00 to upwards of $400.00

My personal favorites are their bath rugs whose themes are borrowed from nature:

In addition to the nature inspired rugs, they have several other colorful plush designs, some of which are shown below:

If you don't like your bathmas or bath rugs to stand out, they also have many luxurious bath rugs in traditional rectangles and various colors.

Habidecor bath rugs and Abyss towels have remained at the top of the industry by mastering the balance between exceptional quality, design, technology, customer service and distribution. This delicate balance has allowed the company to bring its product to an ever-expanding customer base. Take a step toward luxury by stepping into our world.

With twenty-five years of history worldwide and ten in the United States, Habidecor bathroom rugs and Abyss towels have become synonymous with quality, style, comfort and practicality. What began as a partnership between boyhood friends in Northern Portugal has grown to a global network of retailers offering the finest bath and accent rugs in the world.

Many of the styles are available for purchase here
And here.

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