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Vincent Leman's Warped Sense Of Style: Dust Furniture

I have written not one, but two, posts on furniture that has a 'cartoon' style to it. Judson Beaumont's Straightline furniture and the Porter's Cartoon Furniture®

Vincent Thomas Leman's line of furniture, Dust*, steps that up a bit with more adult styling, yet is still delightfully whimsical. So, here's your third cartoon-like furniture line:

Dust Furniture is a collection of studio furniture from craft artist Vincent Thomas Leman. Vincent has built one-of-a-kind pieces for years, but released this line to accommodate the demand for reproducible versions of his work.

A key part of Vincent Leman's creation process is the integration of function into the form. The artist strives to create furniture that is functional to the degree that it may be successfully integrated into daily life, yet--equally important--provides a spark to brighten the routine of daily life. He finds joy in discovering new ways to mix art and life and to make art more accessible.

Leman's work has been described as 'abstract traditional furniture.' Each piece is essentially a traditional furniture form that is stretched, curved, stacked, and stepped to fit his design intentions. While he works in wood, Leman considers his actual medium to be 'traditional furniture.' The classical root of each piece helps maintain its identity as furniture and keeps the work familiar and approachable despite the unusual shapes.

Above: a take-off on Manet's "Olympia"

Above: some of his painted baltic birch pieces

Above: some of his unpainted oak pieces

Above: his limited edition grandfather clock, 10 pieces made

He has many more fun pieces to choose from.

See his personal site here.

See his Dust Furniture site here.

You can buy his furniture here at The Artful Home.

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