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Five Fun New Finds To Hip Up Your Home

If It's Hip,It's Here.

Five fun new finds!

From top:

1. Anna Carin Dahl's Deer vases. Ceramic, 6" tall by 2.5" in diameter. Orange, Pink or Green with colored interior glaze.

2. Chris Collicott's Toy Soldier candleholder. Heavy enough to be a bookend too! Size: 9"h x7"w

3. Pig Cooking Lid by Marna, Inc. Made of soft silicone with a pig face in the center, this multipurpose lid can be placed directly over ingredients in a pot to help them cook evenly, releasing steam through the pig's snout. It can also be used to cover food in the microwave, and as a grip to open lids. Dishwasher and microwave safe. Size: 1h x 7"diam.

4. Crystal Cloud by Yumiko Yoshimoto, 1979
Water in this cloud-shaped glass sculpture creates repeating natural phenomena such as forming water drops, becoming cloudy based on temperature, and shining when the water sways. Created by glass sculptor Yumiko Yoshimoto, each Crystal Cloud is mouth blown and shaped by hand. Made of borosilicate glass filled with distilled water and a polished chromium-plated brass stand. Hand-wash only. Size: 2.75h x 3l x 1.5"diam.

5. The Matwalk has slippers integrated into the bath mat so you can wipe up the wet floor with ease. Designed by Paolo Ulian for Droog.

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