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Buy It Before It Flies Away! Only 2 Left of Emi Ozawa's Mahogany Bird Tables.

"Bird Tables" by Emi Ozawa

Only 23 limited editions of these handcrafted tables were made.These mahogany "Bird Tables" by artist Emi Ozawa can raise and lower their wings. A sculpture or a functional table, the whimsy of the design and quality of the craftsmanship make it a lovely edition to any home, in any room.

If you like it, I suggest you snap it up: Only two tables remain in this limited edition of twenty-three as of today.

Price: $2,100

"Bird Table" Wood Tables
By: Emi Ozawa
Kinetic mahogany table finished with oil.
Limited edition of twenty three (only 2 left as of June 1st, 2008)
Dimensions: 21"H x 24"W x 21"D
Height is 31" when the wings are upright.

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