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Yoropiko Star Wars Jeans by RMC Apparel

RMC is one of the hippest, most exclusive men's brands on the market today. One of their latest releases is this Star Wars Stormtrooper jean:

Above: Yoropiko Storm Trooper Jeans

These jeans are from RMC's Martin Yatming, aka Martin Ksohoh, creative line of apparel, YoroPiko. They are made in a limited edition of 500 and are licensed by Lucas Film. Price is a whopping $934.95 USD


Dark indigo raw denim jeans Embroidered storm troopers on sides, embroidered star wars logo/trooper back pockets:

Removable 18k gold rhodium finished copper waistband and fly buttons:

Why removable? Because a unique feature on all Yoropiko jeans, means the buttons on the fly can unscrew and be replaced by alternative styles, some as extravagant as jewel and diamond encrusted:

Purple, red and gold stitching details throughout.

Etched and numbered deerskin leather patch on waistband:

The Loose fit straight leg jeans in an unwashed premium denim that may shrink up to 5% when washed. They come in a black velvet logo embroidered presentation bag. Made in Hong Kong.
Buy the Storm trooper Star Wars jeans here.
Or here.

If you're not into Star Wars, but love unusual or hand painted denim, here are a few other examples of RMC's Yoropiko jeans:

Hungry Dragon:

Great Britain Target:

Tropsicle Flowers:

Mym Flyer:

About RMC:

RMC by Martin Ksohoh is the brain-child of Martin Yatming, the design genius and fashion guru behind the Red Monkey Company of 2005. Martin is renowned throughout the world as a denim master whose attention to detail is unrivalled.

above: Martin Ksohoh of RMC and Yoropiko Red Monkey Company changed their name to RMC Martin Ksohoh after 2005. To help prevent any confusion all Red Monkey Company jeans are officially branded RMC Martin Ksohoh. All jeans branded RED MONKEY COMPANY after 2005 are counterfeits/fakes.

Martin Koshoh only made limited runs of 300 per style of RED MONKEY COMPANY jeans in 2005 and since 2006 has branded all his denim and apparel RMC Martin Ksohoh and this is now the official brand name. So beware of any post 2005 jeans branded RED MONKEY COMPANY - They’re fakes!

RMC/ Yoropiko produce limited numbers of each style, sometimes as few as 50 pairs for the whole world. Only premium Japanese denim is used, woven on a 28" loom, making it far superior to cheaper denim which is woven on wider looms. This attention to detail, the use of unbleached cotton and distinctive selve edge denim produces outstanding jeans.

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