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Deeply Madly Living: Eclectic Uber Chic

One of my favorite things about surfing the web is that one finds things they almost never otherwise would. One of those is Garry Jensen and Elena Bertinetto's unique online store and company, named Deeply Madly Living.

above: owners Garry Jensen and Elena Bertinetto

Their "philosophy" on their site reads as follows:
Deeply Madly Living is Danish born Garry Jensen, a former international investment banker and design enthusiast and Elena Bertinetto, an italian interior decorator and trompe-l'oeil artist.

The company was founded after we moved back to the United States and attempted to furnish our Manhattan loft, a former button factory in the heart of New York City, with the décor from our previous homes in Europe. The aim was to give our interior an exclusive, eclectic, metropolitan twist and to create a new sense of style that would harmonize with our new "urban industrial" setting and still be a reflection of our own individual personalities.

It was a question of reinventing and rebalancing the furniture we already had (a combination of fine antiques, understated contemporary furniture and quirky modern artwork) by adding striking accent pieces, bold colors and uncommon objects that would be fresh and exciting to the eye and mind. The standard lifeless, modern and monochromatic picture perfect loft décor was never an option.

We soon discovered that looking for these accent pieces was an incredibly frustrating and time consuming experience. Even in a city like New York, filled with designer shops and galleries, there a was a need for a store offering a comprehensive line of unique, "cool" pieces for the home.
So, what's so 'cool'? I think these are.

The Celebrity Lamp, made with 40 pairs of aviator "shades":

Buy it here.

Pistol Paperweights , ceramic glazed with real platinum or 24k gold:

Buy it here

Funky Deer, cast polyresin in lime green or silver:

Buy it here.

Erotika Chair (please note that the following images may be offensive to some):

Buy it here.

Swarovski Skull Bath Towels:

Buy it here.

Lace Knife Set, the steel blades of the knives extend into an intricate pattern encased in a lucite handle:

Buy it here.

The Roy Maccassar Table (chairs not included but available):

Buy it here.

The Barbarossa Chair, stainless steel cubistic frame with aged soft leather cushions:

Buy it here

They have many more unusual items, check out the store here.

Now, all they have to do is redesign their logo!

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