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Wedding Dishes They Didn't Register For But Won't Return

Okay, so your friends have already chosen their china pattern. And it's gorgeous. But you really wanted to get them something unique and original in addition. I say 'in addition' because buying a couple a version of a product for which they registered, but not the actual one they chose, is just plain rude.

Unfortunately, so many personalizable or customizable wedding gifts are either too cutesy (like those god-awful cartoon like drawings of faces and swirly script on pottery) or too corporate (gold embossed monogrammed leather stuff). So, what can you get them that is special and won't end up on ebay or in the back of a closet?

Below are three romantic, original wedding dishes/platters that newlyweds will be sure to covet.

1. Jessica Rust designs makes several different sets of platters and dishes for weddings and anniversaries. She has many worth looking at but my favorite is the Birch collections. The Birch collection features the couple's initials carved into a birch tree drawn in a sweet tasteful style. Harkening back to childhood crushes but retaining a sophisticated style:

Also available in special gold glazed edition:

Above: Personalized platters, mugs, dishes and plates from Jessica Rust.

Other great pieces of Jessica's available for customization:

The Birch collection shown above, Lovebirds collection, Family Tree and more wonderful collections to choose from.
Buy them all here.

2. The "You Know It Makes Sense" Dishes Set by Bailey Doesn't Bark. A romantic reminder that sometimes you just 'know'.

Buy it here

3. And lastly, the funky and hip custom wedding platter with inscription on the back, by cul de sac design:

buy it here.

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