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A Little Lip Service For Valentine's Day. Henry Leutwyler Photo Scarf for Salvor.

Salvor Projects, in collaboration with commercial photographer Henry Leutwyler, has created this limited edition Lip Service scarf.

above: one of Henry Leutwyler's still life product shots for Bobbie Brown

The Lip Service scarf is made with chroma diffusion photography of six lipstick tubes, handprinted with magenta and purple water based inks on double georgette silk with a raw edge finish.

Numbered Print Edition of 100, price $240 USD
order by 2/7 for guaranteed delivery by 2/13 and free shipping in the USA
Buy it here

More Luxury Bike Helmets From Ruby Atelier, Now With Matching Scarves.

Clockwise from upper left; Karl Lagerfeld scarf, Sponge Bob Scarf, Eley Kishimoto scarf and Honet scarf.

I've written about the stunning designs of Les Atelier Ruby motorcycle helmets before, but now these few and new special editions have a fashionable accessory as well. The special edition luxury motorcycle helmets for Ruby Atelier by Karl Lagerfeld, Eley Kishimoto, Honet and Sponge Bob also have matching silk twill scarves you can purchase.

The Pavillon Tweed Helmet by Karl Lagerfeld of CHANEL is limited to 100 editions and costs $1800.00. The matching Karl Lagerfeld silk twill scarf will run you $210.00:

The Sponge Bob helmet is one of the most fun ways you can protect your brain matter. Limited to 200 copies of the cartoon character helmet, the price on this one is $1200.00. Matching Sponge Bob silk twill scarf is $180.00:

Belvedere helmet by Eley Kishomoto (Wakako Kishimoto and Mark Eley) sells for $1350.00 and the Eley Kishimoto silk twill scarf can be yours for $180.00:

And lastly, their special edition helmet by Graffiti artist Honet also has a matching Honet silk twill scarf ($180.00):

Purchase the Ruby Ateleier scarves, special edition helmets or design your own here.

For The 420-Friendly Fashionista; Silk Marijuana Scarves by Peckham Rye

Reflecting the humor of British style, Peckham Rye (cockney rhyming slang for tie) is a collection of slim blade ties in printed, woven and knitted silk, 'Cockney Chokers', slim tubular scarves in eccentric paisleys and luxurious handmade silk scarves, uniquely lined in spun silk.

Brand new are these three limited edition scarves, designed exclusively for 20ltd., adorned with marijuana leaves in white on green, white on brown or blue on gold.

Made of spun silk & woven silk, the marijuana leaf scarves are available in only 15 editions of each.

No. of editions: 15
Delivery Time: Immediate
buy them here.
(all images and info courtesy of 20ltd)

Wanna see some other super hip silk scarves? For the ladies in your life?

Be sure to check out the Unruly Scarves here.

Unruly Scarves: 100% Silk Scarves That Are NOT For Old Ladies

Every couple of years, scarves try to make a comeback. You've got your high-end, ridiculously overpriced but stunning silk scarves from Gucci, Hermes, Chanel and of course, Emilio Pucci. Then you've got your 'accessible' silk scarves by companies such as Echo and Forzieri and you've got your 'artsy' hand painted silk scarves carried in museum shops. But still, most of them are either preppy, traditional.. or just plain 'old lady'.

Unruly Scarves of Amsterdam changes all that. They are made of 100% fine silk and printed in the far east like most scarves, but that's where the similarities end. These are designed with colorful graffiti and other imagery that screams 'youth' and 'hip'. They are made of high quality twill silk, measure 90 x 90 cm and are rolled and hemmed by hand. Designed by Dutch artist (and typographer, creative director and designer) Niels Shoe Meulman, they are fun enough to frame.

The collection consists of 6 different designs available in various color combinations.







Even the product shots for the advertising, by Amsterdam photographer Martin Woods, are fabulously irreverent:

Buy them here.

Office: Niels Shoe Meulman / Unruly
Duintjer CS building - suite 4.21
Vijzelstraat 72
1017 HL Amsterdam

See Niels Shoe Meulman's site here

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.