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The Wally Power 118 Superyacht: The Best Excuse I Can Think Of To Marry For Money

I really couldn't care less about yachts until I saw this one. The Wally Power 118. So amazingly designed, inside and out, it's become the object of my yearning.

The 118 WallyPower is a high performance superyacht integrating technology with design, resulting with unique and marked characteristics like the vertical bow, the air inlets, and the deck superstructure.

Above: The technical solutions contribute to the yacht appeal, like the shape of the bow that allows for a 50 per cent reduction of the vertical acceleration, and the superstructure design that features flat surfaces in order to be transparent.

Above: The yacht displaces only 95 tons thanks to the sophisticated building technology that used a hybrid structure to save weight while reacting in a very sound manner, without transmitting shockwaves therefore making comfortable the rigidity of the composite hull.

Above: The bottom of the hull is built in solid fibreglass. Topsides from the waterline are hybrid fibreglass/carbon composite with balsa core. On deck this becomes a Nomex/full carbon composite. The deck superstructure is made of laminated glass with carbon frames. The interior bulkheads and cabin soles carry no structural loads: they are constructed entirely of thin wood and laminate veneer skins with cores.

Above: The hull form is a deep V of 22 degrees at the stern, with a straight stem bow designed to perform as a wave piercing.

Above: The chameleon-like paint finish is metallic dark green and changes reflections and colour depending on the light and landscape.

Above: The dining and lounging cockpit is forward of the superstructure, to provide maximum privacy as well as being in the coolest area at anchor.

Above: The deck, cockpit, navigation, dining and saloon areas have been conceived as one continuous element. Inside the superstructure, the atmosphere if that of a New York style loft. The open space incorporates three areas, from stern to bow: the saloon, the dining/seating area, and the navigation cockpit.

Above: The carbon fiber dining table seats eight people. The port and starboard teak cabinets serve for storage of china, silverware and glassware.

Above: The engineering, start-up, and monitoring console.

Above: The owner's stateroom is forward, featuring a king size bed. Plenty of storage is provided by the side cabinets. A 20" plasma screen is mounted in the aft bulkhead. The cabin has plenty of natural light coming for the top skylight.

Above: The spacious galley encloses the crew mess with 15" plasma screen. The galley is equipped with professional oven and stove, as well as plenty of fridges.

Above: The deck is flush and features from bow to stern: the tender garage, the social cockpit, the glass superstructure, and the aft cockpit. Large open areas are designed to comfortably and safely move around the deck when at anchor.

Above: The pure lines of the 118 WallyPower are enhanced by the absence of visible cleats, mooring winches, radar antenna, TV dome, anchor system: everything is perfectly and neatly concealed and hidden without sacrificing functionality.

Above: The propulsion system consists of three gas turbines generating 16,800 HP, driving water jets - two steerable outboard and a non-steering on centerline. For maneuvring and long deliveries, the steerable water jets are powered by two diesel engines of 370 HP each. The exhaust system is made of titanium that saves weight while being very resistant to the high temperatures generated by the gas turbines.

Above: The superstructure is accessed through a sliding door aft and through a lifting door forward. The large and clear aft area can be fitted with dining table and lounge chairs to become a cockpit on-the-water.

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