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Imagine A "No Girls Allowed" Sign On These Treehouses: Baumraum of Germany

baumraum, based in Germany, designs and builds treehouses.
But not the types of treehouses I grew up with. The are actual arborial dwelling spaces that are nicer than many homes! Various sizes, styles and venues, they build all over the world. Small, large, split name it. And every single one is a sight to behold.

As they say on their website:
"we transform your individual ideas and wishes into ingenious and inspiring dwellings that combine versatility with craftsmanship of the highest quality and maximum safety standards. A major objective thereby is to handle the trees and their surroundings with the utmost care, ensuring their protection and preservation."

And they do an amazing job. Here are just a few of their international treehouses, both the exterior and interior images:

New York residence:

a meditation room:

Treehouse Apulien:

Treehouse Wencke:

Treehouse Osterreich:

Magnolia and Pine Treehouse:

Brazil Treehouse:

Alder and Oak Treehouse:

Stadtjugendring Wolfsburg und den Verband Christlicher Pfadfinderinnen:

Station Karnten:

Treehouse Louisa:

The Distler Family Treehouse:

contact info:
Andreas Wenning
dipl.-ing. architekt
roonstr. 49
28203 bremen
tel. ++ 49 (0) 4 21. 70 51 22

To see more many more images and learn more, go to the Baumraum site.

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