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Sutherland + Starck = Robinwood Deluxe. Great Outdoor Furniture With A Beautifully Illustrated Brochure.

Sutherland, the Texas-based outdoor furniture company has collaborated with designer Philippe Starck to create this collection of outdoor teak and aluminum furniture.

The Robinwood Deluxe collection, named after the rebel Robin Hood with each piece in the collection named after one of the members of the merry band of thieves, consists of 26 pieces.

Combining Philippe Starck's minimal style with outdoor materials results in a functional and beautiful line of furniture.

There are some real standouts and unexpected pieces like a canopied bed, rocking chair, one armed barstool and highback sofa:

as well as standards like tables, dining chairs and chaise-longues:

In addition to the actual furniture, the collection is promoted with a charming illustrated piece telling the 'story' of the furniture and the providence of the name. Here are a few images from the piece:

The wonderful illustrations were done by artist Kristian Donaldson.
Visit the microsite and learn more here.

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