New Fashion Label Current/Elliott: What Denim Dreams Of Being

Current/Elliott is a new fashion label by stylists-turned-designers Emily Current and Meritt Elliott, who met in college and became stylists under the name of MAUDE. They began by buying vintage jeans and customizing them for their celebrity clients.

Now, they've recreated their special one-of-a-kind pieces with japanese stretch denim, so that everyone could enjoy their sense of style, comfort and individuality.

Their 2008 Fall denim collection includes everything from a backlash against skinny jeans with their fabulous "boyfriend jeans" to denim smock dresses, shorts, chic denim jackets and hoodies. They manage to combine femininity with comfort, sexiness with style and vintage with contemporary couture.

Getting lots of press (even in the NY Times just yesterday) is the 'boyfriend jean', a wonderful slouchy but still sexy pair of jeans:

Here's a peek at some of my other favorites from their line:

The Shrunken JJ:

The Duckhunter:

The Fontaine Short:

The Tulip Dress:

The Moto Jacket:

The Kangaroo Dress:

The Seam Skirt:

The Navy:

The Mini Pocket:

The Circle vest:

Like all hot new fashion brands, these are not cheap. Expect to shell out about $225 bucks for the 'Boyfriend' jeans and the following items list for the prices in parentheses: The Circle Vest ($172), The Laurel Canyon ($194), The Fontaine Short ($159), The Elephant Bell 1971 ($226), The Artist Smock ($206)

Where can you find these?
Below are links to some of the stores that carry their line.
Ron Herman, Singer 22, shopbob, eluxury, lola boutique
You can also find them at Fred Segal, Barney's and Neiman Marcus.


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You can also find these jeans at They have all sizes and there is a coupon code right now VIP20 that gives you 20% off your ENTIRE purchase!!! Thay have awesome other labels as well.

Anonymous said...

Is it really allowed to post pictures, aren't they copyrighted? And even screenshots from the official website.. Just wondering since I am about to launch website myself

Laura Sweet said...

It depends upon the post. In many cases those who post 'copyright protected' images, simply require you request permission prior to posting. If it's free advertising and a positive post which increases their sales, they are usually quite grateful.
In many cases, I am sent the images by a PR company or from the company themselves.

Anonymous said...

OMG I just got my first pair and LOVE THEM!!! They are so cute I have to have another!!

Intuition ( the light pair in stock now and free shipping!! I'll have my second pair to wear this weekend!!

C'mon people, it's only a dollar.