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An Insurance Company Lures Customers With 24k Gold Plated Bike

To promote ETA’s cycle insurance in the U.K., Nick Larsen of Charge bikes came up with the idea of gold plating one in 24 karat.

The bicycle started its life as a Charge Plug, which is a single-speed model of the kind made popular by cycle couriers.

Very little of the bike is now standard. The frame has been stripped, polished, plated in copper and then finished in 24ct gold. The wheels have been re-built using deep-v rims and the chain, seat and bars are custom. The machine is one of a kind.

Everyone (where ETA is offered) who gets a quote for cycle insurance on the ETA website has the chance to win the gold bike. Get a quote and enter the competition here.

Learn about Charge Plug Bikes here.

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