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Modern Dutch Outdoor Furniture: One To Sit

One to Sit is a fun, friendly and fabulous modern minimalist collection of outdoor furniture designed by Marc Verhoeven and Chris-Jan van Zutphen. Made of pure handmade Dutch workmanship with easy to maintain compounds with teak elements.

The collection consists of a chair, a pouf, a sofa, a low table, a dining table, a lounger, and garden bed (chaise). Available in various colors or with a 'rust' finish. They can also be upholstered.

Made of a lightweight but very strong material, it's easy to clean and maintain. they suggest you simply use car wax twice a year to keep the pieces free of debris!

Take a look at some pieces from the collection:

Arms are available in teak or metal:

Upholstered cushions are available for the pieces:

Or the pieces themselves can be upholstered in Sunbrella fabrics:

With the Rust finish:

Above: To give One To Sit furniture the 'rusty' look, a special procedure that applies a layer of iron is put on the furniture. Then oxidation takes place. To assure that your clothes don't get stained or that the rust doesn't fleck off, a matte coat finish is then applied.

Contact info:
Eisenhowerweg 21
The Netherlands
T +31 413 351272
F +31 413 343033

This collection would look great next to another fun dutch outdoor product, the Dutchtub!

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