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Unusual Products From Boudewijn van der Poel of Mutt Design

Dutch designer Boudewijn van der Poel of Mutt Design has quite an imagination. He creates some very unusual looking but functional products. Some are available on online stores, others may be available by contacting him directly.

Making its rounds on design blogs is the Ultimate Guncase 3:

Material: ABS, metal parts.
Dimensions: W 44cm, H 34cm, D 16cm / W 17.2" , H 13.3" , D 6.3"
Price $312.00 USD, buy it here.

A room divider that at first glance simply looks like a sophisticated design, but upon closer inspection, you can see that pistol silhouettes create the pattern.

Price: 1199 euro ($1,901.06 USD)

Duraku. Created for a the Tivoli Audio Pal Case contest, this Pal Case houses the radio in a little dragon!

Price upon request

Bad Eend.
Giant (60cm x 60cm x 100cm) polyester ducky with initial heart tattoos:

not for sale.

He seems to have an obsession with housing things in objects of transportation.
The Pick-up Pick-up is a record player encased in a rubber and mdf pick up truck:

Price: 2780 euro ($4,407.80 USD)

The Drankenkabinet is a little vodka bar housed in a submarine:

Price: 3289 euro ($5,214.84 USD)

And the jewelcase is a jewelry armoire in the shape of an armored truck:

The above item has been sold.

A cute little Garden Warrior is available for 79 euros ($125.25 USD):

There's more to see over at Mutt Design

contact details:
Boudewijn van der Poel
Frogerstraat 6A
1975 BV IJmuiden
the Netherlands

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