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Hot New Headwear: Luxurious & Artist Crash Helmets By Ruby

Les Atelier Ruby helmets are crash helmets for motorcyclists inspired by retro design but crafted with the most modern of technologies and luxurious of materials.

These are not your average motorcycle helmets. Complete with luxurious touches, unusual designs and colors, beautiful packaging and collaborations with artists and stores, designer Parisian Jerome Coste began this company after suffering six head injuries himself.

Above: art director and founder Jerome Coste.

The ultra light helmets made of carbon fiber from the aerospace industry that guarantees maximum strength. Their first collection, the Pavillion, has a rear fin in the back that was inspired by Knight's helmets, chrome trim and a claret colored lining made of Nappa lambskin leather. Each helmet has their signature steel badge and comes carefully packaged in their stunning red box.

The chrome trim:

The claret Nappa lambskin interior:

Their attention to detail is evident in the images below.

The padding:

Airholes to release hot air:

Their chrome and red metal emblem:

The interior buckskin fabric is anit-bacterial:

The signature box:

Below are all the models from the Pavillion Collection.

In addition to these they have a signature collection of limited edition artist designed helmets. Below is the Pale Rider vs. Surfing Zombies by French Graffiti artist, Honet.

And the special editions shown below will be available at Colette:

Les Ateliers Ruby

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