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Kanera Sinks: Like Having A Little Lake In Your Home

Kanera of Germany makes these undulating stunning enamelled steel sinks for kitchen and bathroom. They have three designs. The Kanera E (single large basin) , The Kanera H (single smaller basin) and the Kanera D (the double basin).

The Kanera E:

The smaller hand wash basin KANERA 1 H for guests:

and the innovative double wash basin KANERA 1 D was just introduced:

I love them all because they look and feel like water as well as functioning beautifully. When the sink is plugged, the water pools like a lake:

Above: Founder Christian Kaldewei

Kanera was founded by Christian Kaldewei and is headquartered in Münster, Germany. The product range was established with the exclusive wash basin KANERA 1 E introduced in fall of 2007.

Kanera offers exclusive enamelled steel wash basins for the high-end segment in the professional hotel and apartment construction industry as well as the high-quality end-customer market. All products are developed and manufactured in Germany.

Kanera website

Kanera GmbH & Co. KG
Hafenweg 16
48155 Münster

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