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McLaren & Mercedes Last Collaboration: Limited Edition Topless Carbon Plastic Bodied SLR

Before going separate ways, Mercedes-Benz and McLaren have decided to produce one final edition of the SLR. it's super fast, lightweight and painted as ugly as possible.

According to reports from the German car magazine, Auto Motor und Sport (who captured first shots of this car under testing), this special SLR will come with neither roof nor windscreen, as a result of weight-shaving measures to trim its curb weight by about 200 kg (or about 440 pounds).

"The concluding SLR will feature an open-air only construction. Gone is the roof; gone is the windscreen - a small wind deflector will be the singular element between the SLR's occupants and the great outdoors. To reduce weight, a carbon plastic body will be used, while air conditioning and power windows will both be abandoned as well. The result in a weight savings of some 200 kilograms, enough to help the model reach 186 mph from a standstill in 26 seconds and achieve a top speed of 217.5 mph."

This means that only a small wind deflector stands between the driver and the ferocity of the wind, as the speedster tosses the countryside behind in a possible breakneck top speed of 350 km/h (or 217 mph). That's about 8 mph more than the latest SLR 722 Edition.

Above: the engine

The model is said to have been inspired by Rudolf Uhlenhaut’s legendary 300 SL in 1955, and earned the famous moniker Silver Arrow.:

Above: the 1955 300 SL, the "Silver Arrow"

Only 75 of these lightweight cars will be produced.
Below is a spy video of the automobile:

If you read German, here's the original source article.

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