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Product Pick Of The Week: Bossini Lumiere Tondo and Quadro Showerheads

Not that most of us need an excuse to linger in a hot shower longer than we already do, but with Bossini's lumiere showerheads, you'll be hard pressed to ever get out.

The Tondo is a cylindrical model (300 mm in diameter) available with the floral, horizontal or vertical stripe. The showerheads have a semi transparent plastic cover and low voltage lighting. They illuminate and come in red, chrome or black.

The Quadro is cube shaped (300mm x 300mm in size) and comes in the same designs. Both the Tondo and the Quadro are equipped with an easy clean system to keep hard water mineral deposits like lime from clogging the opening.

Available with USA or European water hookups and can be purchased online here.

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