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Omas Planet Pens Are Out Of This World! Marte Limited, Gaia & Apollo 11

These three amazingly detailed limited edition luxury writing instruments from Italian pen maker, Omas, are from their Discovery series. Although the series has 5 different products, it's these three pens that represent space exploration that I find really interesting.

The Marte Limited edition (Mars excursions):

The artistic representation in rose gold of the surface of Mars has the faithful map of the red planet. We rediscover Olympus Mons (the highest point), Hellas Planitia (the lowest point), the Herschel, Huygens, Schiapparelli, Cassini, Gale and Lowell craters, the Walles Marineris, the incredible system of canyons, which in reality, is more than 4000 km long and up to 10000 m deep.

Above: The dry ice (frozen carbon dioxide) of the polar caps is a succession of small, brilliant diamonds equal to 2k.

Four rubies indicate the landing points in chronological order : Mars 3 (URSS) which landed on December, 2nd 1971 in the Terra Sirenum, of the Viking 1, the American probe which landed on July, 20th 1976 in the Chryse Planitia and of the Viking 2, another American probe which landed on September, 3rd of the same year in the Utopia Planitia.

Lastly the representation of Mars Pathfinder (USA) which landed on July, 4th 1997 in the Chryse Planitia, an area with immense channels, a consequence of great catastrophes which were excavated in a few weeks by gigantic volumes of water. Martian time is engraved onto the final ring of the nib holder on which we also find the expected dates for the next trips: 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, 2029, 2030 inside the simulation of the “Schiapparelli Tracciato”.

The clip, shiny on the front and engraved on its sides, is a detail of Tycho Brahe’s Mural Quadrant, the astronomer to whom we owe the foundations of the modern day laws of planetary motion as he was able to detect, thanks to this system and with great precision, the position of a heavenly body.

Finally the nib, also in rose gold, upon which appears a half-bust of the Greek god, an emblematic signature of the fascinating adventure.
Price: $43,000.00 USD

The Gaïa: "Trip to the centre of the Earth":

The depths of the Earth, like the sky, have since the most remote ancient times, inspired in Man wonder, curiosity and deep interest which has led fantastic visions of the underground world. This refined fountain pen represents the interpretation of a symbolic and fantastic trip to the centre of the Earth.

The Limited Edition “Gaïa”, Omas has exclusively used precious materials, like the yellow and white gold 18K and the Omas "Gaïa Grey” vegetable resin; the Crystal Rock, the Onyx, the Hematite, the Emerald and the Diamond, brillant cut, contribute to enrich and to embellish the body and the cap of the fountain pen.

On the bicolour nib, in gold 18K, a precious and refined engraving completes the fountain pen. The Limited Edition "Gaïa" is available in 30 piston fountain pens.
Price: $37,000.00 USD

The Apollo 11:

An artistic interpretation in white 18K gold commemorating the landing on the Moon: this event represented a crucial moment in the History of Humanity and has been commemorated on occasion of the 30th Anniversary.

The pen is made of dark blue vegetable resin, mixed with silver dust, evocative of the starry sky. The body and the cap represent two different themes: Men on the Moon, on the cap, robots collecting Moon samples, on the barrel.

The rhodium plated 18K nib is engraved with the mission coats of arms: the Eagle named “Columbia and Eagle”. A genuine work of art made in 69 numbered pieces by French goldsmiths. Piston filling system.
Price: $35,000.00USD

How can you purchase one? Go here to see a list of worldwide dealers and distributors.
contact info:
Omas S.r.l. - Via del Fonditore 10 - 40138 Bologna Italy Tel ++39 051 6027911 Fax ++39 051 6027980 Email P.Iva 00305800377

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