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POP go the days of the week: The Bubble Calendar

Available either in horizontal or vertical formats as well as either printed upon paper or thick acetate, the 2009 Bubble Calendar by 'experience' designer Stephen Turbek costs $29.95 (paper) and $49.95 (acetate) and will let you burst your way through the year.

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Design copyright 2008,2009 Bubble Calendar
Due to manufacturing processes out of our control, some bubbles may fail to inflate. We rigorously inspect each calendar to avoid this, but if your calendar arrives with more than one bubble popped or flat, let us know within the first two weeks and we'll exchange it. Plastic calendars may have some subtle natural streaking in the acetate backing.
Bubble Calendar is not affiliated with the Bubblewrap brand, which is trademarked by Sealed Air corporation.

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