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This Is The Furniture Your Mother Warned You About: Ted Nemeth Designs (updated).

If a coffee table could kick your ass, Ted Nemeth's could.

His unique furniture is comprised of fine leathers, reptile skins, carved woods and such unexpected touches like brass knuckles and body jewelry. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is obvious, but unexpected touches like the words "hell bent", "come sin with me", "pay up sucker", "hustler" or even "fuck off" put his pieces into a category unto itself.

above: Nemeth with his Outlaw Chair, photo by Ben Leuner

His furniture has the edgy expected imagery of Brooklyn, NYC, crowns, maltese crosses, skulls, hearts, pin-up girls, flying eyeballs, dollar signs and tagger type, but combined with his meticulous crafting and luxurious materials, they become gallery like pieces.

When you combine design sensibilities such as a little goth, a little hot rodder, a little graffiti and a little luxe, you get Ted Nemeth's Furniture With A Bad Attitude. All prices are available upon request.

Chest of Drawers (his bestseller):

The Throne:

You can buy the above throne at Vivre for $5,150.00

The Great White Bench:

The Outlaw Chair:

The Sex and Money Chair:

The Hot Rod Coffee table:

The Dragon table:

Wall mirror:

This Outlaw stool was made especially for 66 degrees:

Even Ted's 'about' page on his site is a police report, in perfect keeping with his 'bad boy' products:

In addition to furniture design, Ted creates and sells hand tooled leather messenger bags (with the message tastefully hidden under a flap) bags, eyeglass cases, custom art and more.

Even large wall leather hangings complete with real animal skulls:

See all of this and more at his site here

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