Air Conditioning Worth Framing: Art Cool by LG

Art Cool by LG is the latest household appliance to masquerade as art. First it was speakers (see the post on Artcoustic here), then Two Eye's cool concealed televisions, the R4 (see them here) and now, air conditioners. Cool, huh?

This wall mountable or freestanding frame type air conditioner can hold a photo or piece of artwork (even wallpaper) of the customer's choice, so what my look like a piece of art is actually a functioning air conditioner.

ART COOL is LG's premium, design-oriented air conditioner series, which also includes renditions of classic art pieces by famous painters, as well as a unique picture frame model that allows users to modify and customize the unit with their own artwork or photography. The series helps to transform household appliances such as air conditioners into stylish objects of art.

Above: model LA091CNP

Much like the traditional LG ART COOL series, the new ART COOL Inverter line features a slim interior, wall-mounted evaporator that can be fit to enhance the end user's decor.

Every trimming has been added to the refined ARTCOOL series, including the NEO Plasma Air Purifying System, Gold Fin, and new features like Auto Clean.

The units feature designer color finishes to complement any home decor, including the standard mirror finish and optional panel colors such as an organic cream white, art flower gold and snow flower white. The outdoor condensing unit provides quiet operation, making it neighbor-friendly.

If you'd prefer a wall mirror over a framed piece of art or photo, there is the Artcool Mirror. The romantic pastel colors, subdued luster, modern texture and the super slim design of LG Art Cool Mirror make it suitable for many interiors.

Optional art cool panel choices:

You can find LG artcool where LG products are sold.
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Auto Air Conditioning said...

wow! this is beautiful! its an amazing idea too!!
air conditioning is a hideous thing! and now you tell me i can have art that is a fully functional air conditioning. I am definitely going to check this out!


Chad said...

Simply awesome. This made my day! We spec'ed out split ductless in a modern house we are building and I have been dreading the look of the traditional wall units. This solves the problem.

So simple. So effective. Industrial design is so key these days. It's not an option any longer.

prava said...

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Awesome. It is amazing how some people come up with cool ideas.

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Cool ideas and design! Very si,ple and elegant.

Anonymous said...

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