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Julian Wolkenstein's Unusual Photography

Photographer Julian Wolkenstein has shot a lot of images you are probably familiar with. Having photographed large ad campaigns for food, cars, airlines and more, you've come across his commercial photography for everything from Sony and Vodaphone to Snickers in many international publications.

While he's an adept portraitist, landscape and commercial photographer (his work is really beautiful), it's his non-commissioned work that I find so interesting because it is both simultaneously beautiful and bizarre.

Take a look.

People as pets:

Horses with hair extensions:

Harmony gets her hair braided for the shot shown at the beginning of this post:

above image courtesy of MSNBC

Yawning people portraits:

See all his work here.

Be sure to my post on Wolkenstein's Echoism Project in which he marries left and right sides of people's faces through digital composition

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