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First Music, then Clothes, Jewelry and Sunglasses. And Now, Pharrell Williams Is Removing Tatts and Designing Furniture.

Pharrell Williams is an Emmy award-winning producer, frontman for N.E.R.D., partner of A Bathing Ape/ Bape brand, founder of clothing lines Billionaire Boys Club and Ice Cream (I do so love his astronaut jeans, shown below)

Above: Pharrell's astronaut jeans for BBC

A Fashion icon as well, Pharrell was named Best Dressed Man in 2005 by Esquire magazine and was one of the faces in Louis Vuitton's 2006 ad campaign.

He has also designed a line of Louis Vuitton jewelry and sunglasses:

Above: Pharrell's Blason line for LV.

Above: His sunglasses for LV

But he's not stopping there. In addition to the latest breaking news that he plans some innovative tattoo removal, he's now designing furniture- at least a chair or two. And ugly furniture at that (sorry, Pharrell).

Pharrell Williams designed the Perspective chair in collaboration with Domeau & Pérès who are manufacturing the piece and will be making the additional chairs.

The chair, as well as another chair design and a table will be part of a show in Paris at the prestigious Emmanuel Perrotin Galerie. The show will be from October 21st 2008 until January 10th 2009. The chairs will be available in a few colors and only 4 of each will be sold. The chair, as explained by Pharrell, represents the love between a woman and man.

When asked about the design, Pharrell says “I had often wondered what it’s like to truly be in love, not lust for once.. So I decided not to ask what it was like in someone else’s shoes or what it was like to sit in their seat.. I decided to sketch out my own experiment; the perspective chair.”

Location of the exhibition: 10, impasse Saint Claude 75003 Paris

Next up for Pharrell? World Domination :)

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