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The Monster Chair For Moooi by Marcel Wanders

A stylish puffy quilted black synthetic leather chair available with or without a fabulous "monster face" sewn into the back. The chair, originally designed in 2010 for Moooi by designer Marcel Wanders is part of a family of seating from Moooi designed by Wanders and comes in two styles, one with a flared and rounded back:

Or in a simple squared off back (shown without the monster face):

Here you can see both styles in situ in the Andaz Hotel dining room:

The chairs have a steel frame, fire retardant synthetic leather upholstery and have been subjected to an abrasion test of >50.000 rubs.

above: Marcel's sketches for the chair

The Monster chair was joined by the Monster barstools in two heights in 2011 and the Boutique Sofa, but neither appears to be available with the whimsical monster face.

On Wanders own site he shows a Monster Pillow (below), but I believe that was never produced:

Marcel Wanders

Front Design Group Uses Their Own Doodles For A New Sofa Design for Moroso.

The new Doodle Sofa from Moroso was born out of a habit that many of us have- designers in particular. Created by the Swedish design group Front, all three members (Sofia Lagerkvist, Charlotte von der Lancken and Anna Lindgren) used doodles they had made during design meetings to create the sofa's pattern.

The name Doodle embodies the spirit of the new sofa for the modern italian furniture brand. Lines drawn distractedly on a sheet of paper, like doodles, become the decoration of the covers which are then embroidered and laid over the frame like a folded blanket.

The shape of the sofa is that of a folded semicircle whose ends become armrests naturally incorporated in the frame.

Front Design says:
"We doodle absent mindedly - doodling is a kind of half-conscious creative work. It is both a distraction, and also thought to help you concentrate on whatever you are doing at the same time.

The decoration is a kind of by-product of Front's creative process, inscribed onto the folded half circle of the sofa's form.


The Transport Series. Furnishings & A Pet Bed Inspired By 20th Century Vehicles.

above: The Wallace Pet bed designed by AvroKO can be used as storage, too

Manhattan based AvroKO is a full service integrated design and concept firm that develops environments, lifestyle brands and products. Retail store design, hotel design and restaurant interiors are just a few of their many disciplines. Their own initiated projects include such hip New York eateries as Public and The Stanton Social, and hotel designs for the Starwood group to name a few.

above: the four principals at AvroKO; Greg Bradshaw, William Harris, Kristina O'Neal and Adam Farmerie

But amongst the talented group's designs lies a small line of furniture called The Transport Series. The collection was inspired by cars and motorcycles from the early 20th century and includes a lounge chair and ottoman, a desk lamp, an adjustable table, a stool and even a pet bed, most crafted of cold-rolled steel, walnut wood and leather.

Sophisticated and clubby, with industrial touches from the Machine Age, the furnishings are simultaneously masculine and elegant.

Inquire about The Transport Series here

SODA - Modern Furniture Design from Nada Nasrallah and Christian Horner

above: the Lester leather indoor deck chair by SODA design.

Design studio SODA Design, based in Vienna, is comprised of Nada Nasrallah and Christian Horner, who met studying Industrial Design at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and the ENSCI/Les Ateliers in Paris.

They have created tailored, elegant products for such respected and well-known brands as Ligne Roset, MDF Italia, Rapsel spa and Wittman and have garnered numerous awards, nominations and exhibitions for their work.

What intially caught my eye was their stunning leather tufted deck chair and matching ottoman, The Lester — a deckchair for indoor-use with fine leather upholstery produced by Wittmann Möbelwerkstätten.

So, I looked into them a little more and found they have have a project portfolio worth sharing.

Two of their most recent projects:

The SO chair presented at SALONE DEL MOBILE 09 at LIGNE-ROSET, and the ARNE bathtub nominated for ELLE DECO International Design Awards

Other projects:

Dorian Mirror/hanger:

Leather indoor raft (prototype):

The Lester with leather raft and leather innertube prototypes:

The Tavolino side table/magazine holder:

Salt and Pepe - Magnetic Salt and Pepper shakers:

The Rondo chair:

The Lux - an illuminated bar table:

The York leather sofa:

About the designers:

Coming from the different professional backgrounds of carpentry and gold/silversmith, the common interest that lead to their working together was the taking up of challenging design projects. With teaching experience from the NDC/Kingston University and work experience at Sottsass Associati and Paolo Rizzatto in Milan, Philips Design Vienna/ Singapore and SAGEM, Soda Designers are now based in Vienna and are engaged in a variety of projects covering furniture, consumer-electronics and interior design.

SODA Design

Nada Nasrallah & Christian Horner
Liniengasse 18, 1060 Wien, Austria
tel +4369919458281 / +4369919458282 fax +4319458281

This Is The Furniture Your Mother Warned You About: Ted Nemeth Designs (updated).

If a coffee table could kick your ass, Ted Nemeth's could.

His unique furniture is comprised of fine leathers, reptile skins, carved woods and such unexpected touches like brass knuckles and body jewelry. The craftsmanship and attention to detail is obvious, but unexpected touches like the words "hell bent", "come sin with me", "pay up sucker", "hustler" or even "fuck off" put his pieces into a category unto itself.

above: Nemeth with his Outlaw Chair, photo by Ben Leuner

His furniture has the edgy expected imagery of Brooklyn, NYC, crowns, maltese crosses, skulls, hearts, pin-up girls, flying eyeballs, dollar signs and tagger type, but combined with his meticulous crafting and luxurious materials, they become gallery like pieces.

When you combine design sensibilities such as a little goth, a little hot rodder, a little graffiti and a little luxe, you get Ted Nemeth's Furniture With A Bad Attitude. All prices are available upon request.

Chest of Drawers (his bestseller):

The Throne:

You can buy the above throne at Vivre for $5,150.00

The Great White Bench:

The Outlaw Chair:

The Sex and Money Chair:

The Hot Rod Coffee table:

The Dragon table:

Wall mirror:

This Outlaw stool was made especially for 66 degrees:

Even Ted's 'about' page on his site is a police report, in perfect keeping with his 'bad boy' products:

In addition to furniture design, Ted creates and sells hand tooled leather messenger bags (with the message tastefully hidden under a flap) bags, eyeglass cases, custom art and more.

Even large wall leather hangings complete with real animal skulls:

See all of this and more at his site here

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