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The Original Ads For Georg Jensen Compared To The Cross-Stitch Versions.

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above: detail of the original photographs with details of the cross-stitched versions, composited by me

When the ads first broke last fall, world-renowned Scandinavian Silversmith Georg Jensen's original campaign featured Danish model Freha Beha Erichsen with its sexy but approachable photographs by Sebastian Faena.

Those photographs have now been embellished with cross-stitched versions by Danish-Irish artist Inge Jacobsen (some of whose previous work I shared with you here) and re-released as a new interpretation of the ad campaign for the Georg Jensen collection.

above: one of the spread ads for Georg Jensen, as it first appeared

Below is a comparison between the original 2011 Sebastian Faena photographs for the campaign and the recently unveiled re-imagination of the campaign by Inge Jacobsen incorporating her unique cross-stitching technique:

The original photo:

The cross-stitched version:

The original photos:

The cross-stitched version:

The original photo:

The cross-stitched version:

The original photo:

The cross-stitched version:

A detail of the above cross-stitched version shows how the Georg Jensen jewelry and tableware are not stitched over:

Here's a look at a video of original photoshoot for the Georg Jensen Collection with model Freha Beha Erichsen and photographer Sebastian Faena:

georg jensen
inge jacobsen


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