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William Wegman Trades In His Weimaraners For Greyhounds In Trussardi's Spring Ad Campaign.

Italian brand Trussardi asked artist and photographer William Wegman to create its spring/summer 2014 advertising campaign. For the first time in his career, the American photographer famous for the photos of his gorgeous Weimaraners will be working with a new subject: Trussardi's greyhound, which he photographed to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the brand logo.

"I dedicate this project to the greyhounds of Trussardi: mysteriously calm, wonderfully photogenic and most of all incredibly elegant" - William Wegman

The "Making Of" video:

Fashion, art and photography meet to create a series of pictures in which the greyhound stars with the most iconic clothes and accessories of the Trussardi spring/summer 2014 collection designed by Creative Director Gaia Trussardi.

The ads were designed to run as the following spreads:

And as single page ads:

Photographer William Wegman with one of his Weimaraner Pups:

Trussardi greyhounds have been a mascot for the brand since it's inception and appear in their logos and most of their ad campaigns. Below are images from Trussardi's  Fall/Winter 2012 ad campaign shot by Karim Sadli in which the regal Greyhound also appeared.

Trussardi logos:

Trussardi products and accessories are concentrated on accessories, 100% Made in Italy, with style that is strong and subtle, incisive and fresh. The selection of leathers and materials is unparalleled, characterized by uncompromising quality and peerless expertise gained through 100 years of experience. Trussardi is a comprehensive brand, in constant development, that includes a city bike, pet accessories, perfumes, candles, and eyewear. Trussardi garments and accessories are available at the world's most prestigious multibrand stores, in addition to the Trussardi boutiques in Milan, Rome, Shanghai, Macao, and online.


William Wegman

Emoticons, Creepily Brought To Life, Warn Against The Dangers Of Online Sexual Predators.

Paris ad agency Rosapark has turned the emoticon (or emoji) into creepily stylized humans in a new print ad campaign for the international non-profit devoted to fighting the sexual abuse of children, Innocence en Danger.

"The goal of this new campaign is to educate parents and children on the dangers of the Internet, the hazards of children and adolescents talking to people they do not know who may be hiding under false identities on social networks, forums, discussion and other chats" Said Gilles Lazimi, campaign coordinator.

"A significant number of adults pose as children and are not "friends" but are aggressors, pedophiles and criminals who have one goal: to approach and attack children sexually" says Ms. Homeyra Sellier, President of the Innocence in Danger association. "It is a reality that should not be overlooked, keeping our children safe from danger is important."

Christine Djamila Allaf, the Secretary General of the Innocence Danger Association, recalls the figures: 1 in 5 children in the world today have been sexually solicited on the Internet. 20 % of them do not recognize things online of which their parents do not approve (Symantec study, Harris Interactive, Feb. 2008).

Over 40% of children ages 1-17 years indicate that they have already faced at least one shocking or traumatic image or information while web browsing (SRI 2007).

"The three visuals created ​​by the Rosapark Agency are very compelling. Creating a human figure of the emoticons used on the forums demonstrates the true nature of those who can sometimes hide behind these symbols, including those with prior offenses, dangerous predators and real pedophiles" said Dr. Emmanuelle Piet, campaign coordinator.

The wonderfully creepy photo manipulation in the ads was created by Mécanique Générale.

The 'Emoticon' print campaign against online child sexual predators has been produced in both French and English in both spreads and single page ads. All three ads asks the same question: "Who's really chatting online with your child?" or 'Savez-vous vraiment qui parle avec votre enfant sur internet?'

Single page ads in french:

Agency : Rosapark
Co-fondateurs : JP Chiquiar – G Fichteberg – JF Sacco
Art Director : Mark Forgan
Copywriter : Jamie Standen
Photography - 3 D Design : Baptiste Massé «Mécanique Générale»
Typography : Paul-Henri Masson
Production : Delphine Cotellon
Agency Media : Havas Media
Media : Etienne Curtil

Rosapark is part of the Havas group, founded in 2012 by Jean-Patrick Chiquia, Gilles Fichteberg and Jean-François Sacco.
Innocence en Danger

Harvey Nichols Hilariously Markets Christmas Shopping To The Selfish This Season.

They say it's better to give than to receive, but not at the marketing department in Harvey Nichols. Their new hilarious holiday campaign, ‘Sorry, I Spent It On Myself’ offers a range of ‘Ultra Low Net Worth’ (ULNW) gifts for those customers who understand that a little something for their nearest and dearest means a bigger something for themselves.

above: The tongue-in-cheek product range designed for the campaign includes mundane items like toothpicks, canned goods and gravel

The Harvey Nichols Christmas Commercials:
The campaign began with a teaser / preview of the new ULNW collection:

The above teaser was followed up with the commercial shown below in which, scene by scene, we begin to discover that in each case the suspiciously well-dressed gift-giver appears to have spent more time and money on themselves at Harvey Nichols, than on their loved ones, instead offering a present from the Harvey Nichols ULNW Gift Collection:

‘At this time of year it can be all too easy to get caught up in the spirit of giving. We hope that our new ‘Sorry, I Spent It On Myself’ Gift Collection will provide our customers with low-cost gifting options for others that will allow them to spoil themselves that little bit more this Christmas.’ said Julia Bowe, the Group Press & Marketing Director of Harvey Nichols

The full Harvey Nichols ‘Sorry, I Spent It On Myself’ Gift Collection
With a varied and competitively priced selection, there’s something for everyone; a Plastic Door Stop for Mum; Non-Swiss Biro Pen for Dad; and nothing quite says Merry Christmas like a packet of Authentic Lincolnshire Gravel.

The ‘Sorry, I Spent It On Myself’ Gift Collection became available in store and online starting Wednesday, November 27th. Sadly all online versions of these items are already sold out:

- Christmas Lunch in a Tin (with most of the trimmings)
- Non-Swiss Biro Pen, 81p
- Real Plastic Door Stop, £1.43
- Elastic Band Gift Set, £1
- Authentic Lincolnshire Gravel, £1.61
- Metal Plated Paper Clips, 99p
- See-Through Glass Salt Cellar, £1.73
- Sink Plug (Water Resistant), £1.13
- Multi-Bristled Toothbrush, 95p
- Toothpicks (100% Wood), 47p
- Genuine Wire Sponge, 96p

"This Christmas, a little something for them means a bigger something for you"
If you visit their special website, you will find, in addition to the commercial, a little slide show comparing the ULNW gifts side by side with something you could splurge on for yourself:

They also offer a free downloadable no frills "Sorry, I spent it on myself" Christmas card:

download the card here

Make your wish list here


client: Harvey Nichols
Advertising Agency: adam&eve DDB, London, UK
Creative Directors: Richard Brim, Daniel Fisher
Published: November 2013

UPDATED: New Louis Vuitton Ad Campaign Starring David Bowie - The Film (2 versions), The Print, Storyboards And The App.

"L'Invitation au Voyage - Venice," a one minute short film (shown further down in the post) featuring Arizona Muse and David Bowie is part of luxury brand Louis Vuitton's newest ad campaign (print, newspaper, digital ads and a new downloadable app accompany the film) in which the music legend and model attend the Louis Vuitton Masquerade Ball.

Vogue UK reports that "Muse's adventure starts in Paris at the Louvre, before she is whisked off in a hot-air balloon that takes her to Venice - where she meets Bowie. Cue picturesque shots of the model travelling along Venetian canals in an old-fashioned boat and decadent scenes of a masked ball - a more glamorous version of the masked, surreal soirée seen in 1986 cult film Labyrinth, which also starred Bowie. Unsurprisingly, the musician also sings a track from his new album, The Next Day ."

The one minute version: L'Invitation au Voyage:

Now added, the full film, released on November 7th:

And the 1:30 minute director's cut:

The Trailer:

Stills from the film:

The full film will premiere on the label's app on November 7.

The film and print ads promote Vuitton's new Tambour watch and Vivienne bag (shown below):

A shortened clip will be shown on television on November 10, while the campaign's print ads (below) photographed by David Sims, will appear in magazines and newspapers later this month.

The Print Ads:

Behind The Scenes:

The Storyboards (some of them):

WWD reports:
“The film is all about traveling through time, and sharing an incredible moment,” said Frederic Winckler, Vuitton’s communication and events director, who showed off 60-second and 90-second versions of the film directed by Romain Gavras, perhaps best known for his M.I.A. music videos.

The transporting clip sees Bowie’s tune become the soundtrack to a sumptuous and fantastical ball — before Muse opens her eyes to an empty room and departs, this time on an ancient Chinese boat.

Snagging Bowie for the campaign caps off a banner year for the music legend that included his first studio album in a decade, “The Next Day ” and an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London that has moved on to the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto. It also continues a tradition Vuitton set in recent years with its popular Core Values spots featuring unexpected celebrities such as Mikhail Gorbachev and Keith Richards.

Winckler marveled at Bowie’s appeal across different age groups and how he, like Vuitton, “moves through time,” unveiling new personalities and charting new creative fields. Winckler noted: “He’s a client and someone who has a natural link with the brand.”

Winckler said he met Bowie in New York, and the script — and the harpsichord idea — won him over. “He liked the character, the role he was asked to play,” he said.

The new spots exalt Vuitton’s new Vivienne bag, from which Muse retrieves a musical score as the only evidence of her musical adventure in Venice. She also wears Monogram Idylle gold jewelry and an outfit from its Icons collection:

Bowie sports a new interpretation of Vuitton’s Tambour watch:

The App, Louis Vuitton Pass:

The French luxury group is using the Bowie-Muse campaign to introduce a new app called Louis Vuitton Pass, which allows consumers to scan an icon with a smartphone or tablet to access additional content, including making-of films — and a world exclusive of the new campaign.

Thanks to Louis VuittonVogue UK and WWD for info and images

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