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New Elizabeth Taylor Barbie Dolls Immortalize The Legendary Beauty With Violet Eyes.

Mattel has been getting better and better with the likenesses of their celebrity dolls. The latest to join the adult collector stable of Barbie Dolls, are two soon to be released Elizabeth Taylor Dolls. Both the Violet Eyes Barbie Doll and the White Diamonds Barbie Doll have faces whose sketches were approved by the legendary actress before her death.

Both 11.5" dolls bear little red ribbons on their shoulders to signify Elizabeth's dedication to fighting HIV and AIDS. Although, oddly enough, none of the proceeds go to support the fight against HIV /AIDs, which they should. That aside, the dolls were designed by Robert Best and are wearing Silkstone fashions designed especially for them.

Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes Barbie Doll:

The 11.5" tall doll wears a timeless satin dress with matching opera gloves and pumps, rhinestone brooch, bracelet and earrings. Also includes sunglasses and a mini “perfume” bottle. A tiny red ribbon near her shoulder represents her commitment to battling HIV/AIDS.

Due to ship next month, you can pre-order the Violet Eyes Barbie doll here

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Barbie Doll:

The 11.5" doll models a lovely white dress, inspired by costumes worn by the actress during Hollywood’s Golden Age. An exquisite jewelry suite, starlet accoutrements, and a mini “perfume bottle” are the wonderful accessories.

Due out on September 15th, you can pre-order the Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds doll here.

If you're a fan of Elizabeth Taylor's, you may enjoy a special post I wrote in honor of her passing which includes wonderful photos of the violet-eyed beauty by some of the world's greatest photographers, her men and her jewelry.

Her Men, Her Movies, Her Diamonds, Her Photos. The Legacy Of Elizabeth Taylor.

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