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Roger Goldammer Combines Knowledge, Passion and Parts in Cool Custom Cycles.

Roger Goldammer is a Canadian motorcycle builder most known for winning the World championship of bike building three times. The custom cycles he builds are one a kind. These are not production bikes, but bikes commissioned for individual clients and projects. You can order bikes that are similar to the one-off bikes shown in this post.

More often than not he builds the frame, hand shapes tanks, machines and fabricates the bulk of the components and seamlessly pulls everything together to achieve a certain aesthetic or performance goal.

He and his team build bikes to suit a wide array of price ranges and requirements. A basic full custom bike starts around $50,000. The cost of a motorcycle that will be a contender at international shows can cost anywhere from $70,000 and up.



Nortorious (yes, that's the correct spelling):





In addition to creating custom cycles, Goldammer creates custom parts and performs specialty repairs.

"I build all these high end bikes but I’m also the guy sweeping the floor at the end of the day and the guy answering the phone."-- Roger Goldammer

About Roger Goldammer (from his site)

Roger's passion for performance in both form and function can be seen in all of his work. From an old shovelhead that he's getting back on the road to a custom build destined for the Bonneville Salt Flats, Roger's love of metal and engines is expressed in every detail.

above: Roger wins the World championship of bike building for the third time

Roger gained his foundation with training and an apprenticeship in machining and engine building from BCIT, then relocated to Phoenix to study at the Harley-Davidson motorcycle mechanics training facility MMI. As soon as he was able to focus on his passion for motorcycle building he quickly gained recognition in the bike community and stacked up an impressive list of awards and accolades.

Surrounded by a collection of performance motorcycles, Roger still grabs his dirt bike on the weekend to rip it up on the local hills with his boys. He's even been caught chasing his dogs around the yard on a mini-bike.. yes.. a mini bike. A simple passion for riding and creating clean lines keeps the Goldammer shop turning out solid work.

Roger's range of projects is pretty diverse. Manufacturing parts, bike performance work, custom builds and even prototyping. Early on the Goldammer Shop's main focus was anything motorcycles. The bikes he builds have always shared technology but his ability to think outside of the box and experiment has created opportunities to work on unique projects outside of the motorcycle industry.

Goldammer Custom Cycle Works

UPDATE 2020: IT appears that Roger's website is no longer (so we're not sure if he's still making custom bikes), But you can follow him here on Instagram or here on Facebook .

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