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Airstream's Mod New Sterling International Trailer Comes In Two Color Schemes (and Two Sizes).

above: The new 2013 Airstream Sterling International shown with interiors in Obsidian Violet and Arctic Dijon

You may have heard about the newest travel trailer from Airstream when it was first written about as a concept in the NY Times and unveiled at Palm Springs Modernism Week earlier this year. Since then 2013 model has been produced in two sizes (the 25' and the 27' shown below) and with two available color schemes.

The Airstream International Sterling Trailer was designed by Christopher C. Deam, who was responsible for the design of the Bambi Airstream Trailer in 2000. A few readers who saw the concept on the design blog Design Milk and on the Airstream Facebook page balked about the color of the interior carpet (a mustard-like tone called Arctic Dijon).

above: Christopher C. Deam, designer of the Airstream Sterling International Trailer (image courtesy of NY Times)

Well, if you're not a fan of Arctic Dijon, may I interest you in Obsidian Violet?
Now although the only two differences in the color schemes are the woven carpet, the Marimekko throw pillows and bedding, and the ultra leather banquette cushions (white in the Arctic Dijon and black in the Obsidian Violet), because the interior is so loaded with shiny aluminum, the colors are reflected casting a glow over the entire interior. The Obsidian Violet gives off a bit of a disco feel, while the Arctic Dijon has more of a 60's modern aura.

Two floor plans are also available for the 2013 Sterling International ; 25' and 27'. The banquettes open to become beds, allowing the trailer to sleep five.

The Aistream Sterling International Trailer in Obsidian Violet:

With a typical sleek aluminum interior, the 2013 Sterling International is outfitted with a queen-size bed, a streamlined bathroom (complete with a shower), rounded cabinets for the sink, capsule-shaped accent windows, an LED HDTV, blu-ray player and is Wi-Fi ready. (Some dealers include a microwave and two HDTVs)

In Arctic Dijon:

There are some smart space-saving devices: cutouts in the rounded sink area, rolling vertical doors. It also incorporates use LED lighting, which uses less power, which is very critical when you are out on the road. The split bathroom (a toilet and sink on one side of the hall and the shower on the other side) has thin accordion doors on either side that you can use if you want to create one larger bathroom.

The floor plans for the 25 and 27:

Both the Obsidian Violet and Arctic Dijon Airstream Sterling International Trailers are available at several RV dealers around the country.

Colors: Obsidian Violet or Arctic Dijon
Floorplans: 27FB or 25FB
MSRP $84,192 plus freight and options for the 25FB
MSRP $86,718 plus freight and options for the 27FB


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