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Before Presidents With Boob Faces, There Were Friends With Boob Faces. The Titillating Work of Emily Deutchman.

above: George Washington With Boob Cheeks

above: James Madison With Boob Eyes

Garnering some recent buzz is an oddly compelling project appearing on Tumblr called "Presidents With Boob Faces." A collection of watercolor paintings featuring... you guessed it, past U.S. Presidents with mammaries on their chin, cheeks and/or heads.

above: John Quincy Adams with Boob Head

above: James Monroe with Double Boob Chin

Enigmatically signed with only E. Deutchman and no 'about me' section, some sleuthing has revealed that the artist behind the project is Emily Renee Deutchman, the daughter of Hollywood producer and movie mogul Ira Deutchman.

above: Thomas Jefferson with Boob Chin

above: John Adams with Boob Jowls

Emily, who is a talented watercolorist and illustrator (see Emily Renee Art) and who studied art at Skidmore College, didn't begin by adding breasts to the faces of our Founding Fathers, but instead, began with some other artworks featuring tits as features.

above: Erik With Boob Cheeks

In her entertaining site Sketches of Things she has the following paintings and illustrations of her brother, friends - even a dog- with "Boob Faces," precursors to the project Presidents With Boob Faces.

above: Shit I Draw For My Brother's Birthday

above: BOOBS

In her own words, the following illustrations are presented as " These drawings are part of a sketchbook project I’m working on titled “My Friends With Boob Faces.”:

Emily Renee Art

ARTINFO has a brief interview with Emily about her bizarre project here

Presidents With Boob Faces

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