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Introducing Diamond Chocolates From The Man Behind Black Diamond Jewels & Nail Polish.

Last week the blogosphere was buzzing about Couture Jeweler Azature's Black Diamond Nail Polish, now the world's most expensive at $250,000 for the one bottle. But real diamonds are not the only luxury Azature is creating.

Azature Diamond Chocolates

Azature fine chocolates began as a thank-you gift to his jewelry clients and can now, for the first time, be enjoyed by chocolate lovers around the world. Much like his jewelry designs, Azature’s fine chocolates are handcrafted from one of the rarest materials in their class - the Wild Treasure cocoa bean of the Bolivian Amazon. These gems are gathered straight from the source by the natives of a few small settlements at the cocoa harvest before being transformed into these decadent treats in Europe.

Now available in eight different flavor formulations, the chocolates have much in common with his signature AZATURE black-diamond pieces. Take the “Black Diamond - Wild Treasure Cocoa” for example, like its black diamond counterpart, it is inspired by its exclusivity. The chocolate begins with the rare “Wild Treasure” cocoa bean that grows in the Amazon basin of Bolivia to create a luxurious chocolate base for all of the confections. The infused flavors and delicate recipes are applied with care and creativity to create fresh taste all while applying the signature AZATURE gem design.

Available as three different boxed sets (four, nine and sixteen), the chocolates are shaped like a diamond (what else would they be?) and come in the following exotic blends of flavors.

Black Diamond:

Wild Treasure Cocoa. This praline pays homage to the cocoa bean that began Azature’s love affair with chocolate, the Wild Treasure, by spotlighting it in its purest chocolate form.

Blue Diamond - Cafe Machiato:

Arabica coffee highlights the subtle sweetness of Belgian dark chocolate in this praline, made with only the finest cocoa, coffee beans, and coffee liquor available.

Pink Diamond - Almond/Hazelnut Nougat:

Roasted hazelnuts and almond gianduja cream are gently folded into sugar, egg whites, and honey to create the nougat in this light, yet deeply flavored, dark chocolate praline

Champagne Diamond - Champagne:

This classically luxurious pairing marries the rich, earthy cocoa flavor of European dark chocolate with the brightness of bubbly for a truly lavish taste experience.

Canary Diamond - Almond Crunch:

A study in contrasts, the velvety texture of Belgian dark chocolate is accented by the satisfying crunch of almond in this praline.

Green Diamond - Poire William:

Melding the eau-de-vie aperitif Poire William with the sweet smokiness of caramel adds a surprising depth and complexity to the pear notes of this dark-chocolate praline. The perfect after-dinner indulgence.

White Signature:

Silky Belgium White Chocolate with Crispy Wafers. This decadent praline combines the smooth, mellow flavor of white chocolate with the subtle crunch of crispy wafers for a uniquely satisfying taste and texture profile.

These chocolate creations are ideal for weddings, and celebrating the one you love on any occasion. AZATURE chocolate confections can be packaged as party favors or dessert trays for other catered events. Please contact them at for details.

Like fine jewelry, these chocolates are a luxurious indulgence that demand taking the time to truly savor.

Box Set of 4 = $36.00
Box Set of 9 = $81.00
Box Set of 16 = $144.00
(Prices subject to change)

Azature Fine Chocolates

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