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A Pantone Manicure. Colorful Pantone Chip Finger Nails Are A Handful of Fun.

above photo by @Harto

I realize that the amount of Pantone inspired products, projects and other color chip related items have reached almost comical proportions, but that doesn't stop them from being somewhat blog-worthy to the design crowd.

That said, here's a fun do-it-yourself Pantone Manicure by Jacquie Coe aka Jacquie Long Legs.

above: the numbers read backwards because this was photographed in the mirror

Using acrylic nails and photo-copied numbers on clear adhesive labels, Jacquie created a Pantone chip palette on the tips of her fingers.

Jacquie printed a Pantone chip number on clear self-adhesive label paper in her printer (that's why the nails all read the same -and incorrect- Pantone number 18-3943):

Some of the colors she actually used:

all images courtesy of Jacquie Coe

See step by step instructions as to how she did it here

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