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Limited Edition Haunted Beauty Vampire Barbie Is Goth and Gorgeous.

Designed by Bill Greening, this frightfully chic creature brings a new level of gothic glamour and haute couture horror to the vampire lore. “We’ve had vampires in the BC line before,” Bill says. “But I wanted to do a version a little more spooky and gothic, something the collectors have been asking for.”

Last year, Bill Greening created the Haunted Beauty Ghost Barbie shown below, which is now sold out, but can be found on ebay for upwards of $500+:

Haunted Beauty Vampire™ Barbie® comes alive with so much bold color and intoxicating drama she practically grabs you by the throat! Drink in her gorgeous nocturnal glory as she swathes herself in a delicious fashion drenched in deep, rich, bloody red.

This is one vampire who does show up in photographs. She dazzles from every angle, dressed in a red charmeuse and black chiffon gown, with elaborate jeweled accents at the neck and red-and-gold trim on the empire waist. Her opulent, floor-length coat of red shantung features full sleeves and a spellbinding, face-framing collar. It’s an “essential fashion element,” according to Bill. “Her long red coat is perfect for those chilly nights in the crypt.”

Lustrous raven locks provide a striking contrast to the unearthly pale complexion on her Glimmer (Louboutin) head sculpt. Crimson lips and painted white “fangs” emphasize her fierce vampiric look, while black eyeliner and smoky shadow highlight her hypnotic golden eyes.

Haunted Beauty Vampire™ Barbie® doll’s sensational ensemble would earn raves on runways around the world. But this mysterious stunner prefers the darkness of moonless skies to the glaring lights of fame, as she searches for romance that will stand the test of time. “It’s a story of a long-lost love, tortured soul, and timeless beauty,” Bill says. “A creature who has looked centuries to find true love.”

Price: $100 (limit of 5), buy her here

Doll Details
Body Type: ModelMuse™
Skin Tone: Peace
Facial Sculpt: Glimmer/Louboutin
Fashion Sewn On?: No
Eyelashes: Painted
Customizations: Necklace attached to dress
Included with doll: Shoes, ring, doll stand.
For the adult collector.

Why Do I Blog About Barbie Dolls?
I think some of my readers may wonder why I blog about some of these Barbie Collectibles, but dolls, like most anything else, can be artfully designed. The Barbie Collectibles, which are made for adults, include fashion design, sculpting, make-up and in some cases, interesting marketing and packaging.

Just to give you an idea of the difference between the mass-produced $13.99 Mattel Barbie Halloween 2013 Doll and this $100 one, take a look:

So, as long as they keep designing beautiful Barbies, I will keep blogging about them.

images and info courtesy of Barbie Collector

The Blonds Dress Their Second Barbie Just Like Kylie Minogue - The Blond Gold Barbie® Doll

above top: The New Blond Gold Barbie and below: Kylie Minogue wearing The Blonds in her Get Outta My Way music video.

This is the second Barbie® imagined by celebrity-dressing fashion duo The Blonds. The first, The Silver Diamond Barbie Doll was a big hit amongst collectors and fashionistas. And their very special one of a kind Pink Diamond Barbie was auctioned to benefit charity amongst much Barbie buzz.

Now, the Blond Gold™ Barbie® hits the market. She may look familiar to some of you, especially to fans of music artist Kylie Minogue. Not mentioned on the Barbie Collector site - or anywhere else that I can find, is the fact that the doll's outfit is a replica of the one created by the Blonds for Kylie Minogue to wear in her Get Outta My Way video :

Just like Kylie, the blonder than blonde doll is clad from head to toe in gold. Chain details adorn her golden corset and and inspires her long earrings, golden armbands and even the same ring as worn by Kylie in the video. Gold eyeliner and false eyelashes complete the look.

Unlike Kylie, the barbie doll does come with a mesh woven gold cape and a stand inspired by bars of bullion.

The Blonds Blond Gold Barbie® Doll
Body Type: ModelMuse™
Arms: New Left and Right
Skin Tone: Tropic Tan
Facial Sculpt: Lara
Fashion Sewn On?: No
Eyelashes: yes

Included with doll: Stand, corset, shoes, arm cuffs, earrings, claw ring, cape.
There is a limit of 5 dolls per order. For the adult collector.

Gold Label®, Designed by: Bill Greening
Release Date: 8/8/2013

Buy The Blonds Blond Gold Barbie® Doll

© 2013 The Blonds LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Direct Exclusives are currently available in the U.S. only from The Barbie™ Collection catalog or at

New Elizabeth Taylor Barbie Dolls Immortalize The Legendary Beauty With Violet Eyes.

Mattel has been getting better and better with the likenesses of their celebrity dolls. The latest to join the adult collector stable of Barbie Dolls, are two soon to be released Elizabeth Taylor Dolls. Both the Violet Eyes Barbie Doll and the White Diamonds Barbie Doll have faces whose sketches were approved by the legendary actress before her death.

Both 11.5" dolls bear little red ribbons on their shoulders to signify Elizabeth's dedication to fighting HIV and AIDS. Although, oddly enough, none of the proceeds go to support the fight against HIV /AIDs, which they should. That aside, the dolls were designed by Robert Best and are wearing Silkstone fashions designed especially for them.

Elizabeth Taylor Violet Eyes Barbie Doll:

The 11.5" tall doll wears a timeless satin dress with matching opera gloves and pumps, rhinestone brooch, bracelet and earrings. Also includes sunglasses and a mini “perfume” bottle. A tiny red ribbon near her shoulder represents her commitment to battling HIV/AIDS.

Due to ship next month, you can pre-order the Violet Eyes Barbie doll here

Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds Barbie Doll:

The 11.5" doll models a lovely white dress, inspired by costumes worn by the actress during Hollywood’s Golden Age. An exquisite jewelry suite, starlet accoutrements, and a mini “perfume bottle” are the wonderful accessories.

Due out on September 15th, you can pre-order the Elizabeth Taylor White Diamonds doll here.

If you're a fan of Elizabeth Taylor's, you may enjoy a special post I wrote in honor of her passing which includes wonderful photos of the violet-eyed beauty by some of the world's greatest photographers, her men and her jewelry.

Her Men, Her Movies, Her Diamonds, Her Photos. The Legacy Of Elizabeth Taylor.

The Darker Side of Mad Men. Season 5 Parody Dolls by Michael Williams.

As most fans of the TV drama Mad Men know, Mattel came out with a line of Barbie Dolls based on the cast characters a few years ago.

above: Mattel's limited edition Mad Men dolls have long since sold out

Now photographer Michael Williams, who specializes in doll photography, has parodied Season 5 with the following versions- complete with appropriate accessories:

For those custom doll makers and collectors, here are the details of Michael's creations:
For Joan he restyled Dusk to Dawn Silkstone Barbie and she wears a OOAK little black dress from Marirose with a black fur coat from Coquette Cissy, Sindy baby carriage from the UK repainted black (originally blue); 1969 Dramatic New Living Skipper doll wearing Skipper Dreamtime #1909 pajamas with Skipper Me 'N My Doll miniature Barbie; Betty is the Mattel Betty Draper Silkstone wearing Ken Rally Day coat, Barbie & Kelly Children's Doctor scale, Alfred Hitchcock The Birds purse, BFMC New York Yorkie scarf, Fashion Royalty skirt, RE-MENT whip cream and sundaes; Megan is Kate Spade Barbie on a Dynamite Girl body wearing vintage Barbie Lemon Kick minidress Photoshopped (not dyed) black; RE-MENT sherbet and Isha script; Peggy is BFMC Continental Holiday Silkstone Barbie in a Randall Craig cardigan sweater, Something Cool Isha Fashion Royalty convention bodysuit, Tiny Kitty "Perfect Knit" wool skirt, thermos from a Beverly Hillbillies Lunchbox keychain re-covered in custom plaid print; Jason Wu Event III FR Dark Medley Missima Luxury Accessory pack handbag, RE-MENT popcorn, Barbie Generation Girl Lara artist easel, custom-printed story boards.

A huge fan of Mad Men, Michael previously created Mad Men dioramas for Haute Doll magazine using dolls and mini sets based on the show.

See more of Michael's wondeful work at and follow him on Twitter (@MyLifeIsPlastic) or visit him on Facebook

Mattel Releases New Fine Art Dolls. The DaVinci, Van Gogh & Klimt Barbies.

Recently introduced at this year's Toy Fair were three new Barbie dolls by Mattel that pay homage to some of the world's most famous artists. 14th century Master Leonardo Da Vinci, Impressionist Vincent Van Gogh and Art Nouveau painter Gustav Klimt have been immortalized as soon to be released Barbies. The dolls clothing, make up, hair styles and jewelry are inspired by Da Vinci's Mona Lisa, Van Gogh's Starry Night and Klimt's portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer.

Not yet in the stores, the dolls are available for pre-order at the links below.

The Da Vinci Barbie

above: Leonardo da Vinci's Mona Lisa, painted from 15o3-1507

Pre-order the Da Vinci Barbie Doll here

The Klimt Barbie:

above: Gustav Klimt's portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer, completed in 1907

Pre-order the Klimt Barbie Doll here

The Van Gogh Barbie:

above: Vincent Van Gogh's Starry Night, painted in 1887

Pre-order the Van Gogh Barbie Doll here.

special thanks to Carolynn R. Whitford and Michael Williams for the above images

Also available for pre-order are the following soon to be released Barbies for 2011:

The Farrah Fawcett Barbie Doll

The Grace Kelly Barbie Doll

The Rock Hudson & Doris Day Barbie Dolls Giftset

The Frank Sinatra Barbie Doll

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