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Grass Lined Flip Flops! KUSA Shoes For The Feel Of The Field. No Mowing Necessary.

Designed by Yashin, Australian brand KUSA flip flops are lined with a layer of life-like artificial grass to give you the feeling of walking out in an open field- minus stepping on bees.

Available in large, medium and small, the KUSA Flip-Flops come in Original, Blood Orange, Electric Blue, Mauve (Pink) and Mustard (Yellow). They also have a sweet style for women that features a plastic daisy and clear straps called KUSA Girl.

KUSA Original:

KUSA Colors:

KUSA Girl:

KUSA flip flops give you an extra layer of comfort. Comfort you can’t feel anywhere else (short of walking on real grass). Their unique Syn-Turf material conforms to and is naturally shaped by the individual contours of your feet.

The thick layer of Syn-Turf may feel tight the first time your KUSA flip flops are worn. Don’t worry, just wriggle your foot around to shape it to your foot.

The Syn-Turf may flatten with repeated use and may need to be ‘fluffed’ occasionally, KUSA flip flops are made from quality materials and are tested for durability.

Product Specs and Sizes
Small: 9.9"
men = US 4-7.5
womens = US 4-8.5

Medium: 11"
mens = US 7.5-10.5
womens = US 8.5 - 11.5

Large: 11.9"
mens = US 1.5-13
womens = US 11.5-14

They ship worldwide.

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