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Stunning Modern Remodel Makes The Most Of A Small Space In A Sydney Apartment.

Here's a look at a recently completed remodel that makes great use of a small space for a couple who reside in the Vaucluse Waters Apartments in Sydney, Australia. The solution was designed by Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects.

The key aim was to maximize the feeling of space in a small apartment -and at the same to take advantage of the incredible views north east to the ocean- in this apartment fit-out in Harry Seidler’s ‘Vaucluse Waters’ in Sydney.

above: The Vaucluse Waters Apartments in Diamond Bay, Sydney was designed in the early 1960′s by Harry Seildler and Associates

The approach was to remove every existing wall in the two bedroom apartment and to add back the bare minimum needed for a couple to live in. The clients were brave in their brief and in their trust in RAAA's proposals, and they ended up with a white base box of the original apartment and a Walnut wood veneered timber box inside that contained the required functions.

The timber box is solid to enclose the office, guest bath, and wardrobe (all accessible with pivot doors) and then breaks open to reveal the ensuite: a step up bath and the bed. This allows the owners to enjoy the ocean from the shower, bath and bed.

above: the corner of the walnut veneer "timber box" opens up to reveal the stunning view

Where the timber box is opened it is lined in Calacatta marble (an Italian marble not to be confused with Carrera) , across the joinery, bath and ceiling. The rest of the apartment walls are lined in polyurethane panels that contain the kitchen, pantry storage and the TV cupboards.

The Calacutta surround to the bed and bath opening:

The perimeter of the timber box is emphazised with the veneer and marble cladding bulkhead continuing around the bed:

The view toward the kitchen, which has marble backsplashes. The front door can be seen on the right in the furthermost corner:

View from the front door. (The sculpture podium disguises the service risers):

The use of strip lighting is a minimal design intrusion:

The veneer clad walls and the 6m long strip light create strong horizontals in the apartment:

Even the strip along the ceiling, dividing the space is a slab of marble with wood veneer edging:

The timber box has some built-in shelving, making even more use of space:

The guest bathroom has a Calacatta marble slab floor and a timber veneer pivot door:

The walk in closet has recessed lighting and a timber veneer pivot door:

The small study has a built-in Walnut desk and floor and recessed poly shelves:

The tv monitor is recessed into the wall opposite the timber box and has a wall-mounted storage cabinet:

The view from the windows looking in toward the kitchen:

From the Marble Bath one has a view of the ocean and the flat screen tv:

Photographs by Product K.

About The Architects (from their web site):
Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects is a design oriented architecture practice based in Sydney, Australia. We offer a high level of client service backed with strong design skills to provide unique solutions to complex jobs. We provide full architectural services including design, documentation and contract administration.

Design Process
Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects is a boutique architecture firm that offers intelligent design solutions and a strong client focus. Our approach to each project is holistic and systematic. We aim to understand our client’s requirements and motivations as well as evaluate the site’s constraints and opportunities. We focus on exploring sustainable ideas and technologies in order to provide the maximum possible environmental performance of our buildings. Our designs are thoroughly researched and our strategy is to create solutions that seamlessly integrate all the diverse requirements of a construction project.

All Rudolfsson Alliker Associates Architects projects are designed and documented using ArchiCAD in 3D. This makes it possible for the clients to have regular 3D updates of the project and ensures that there are no drawing conflicts. We also produce physical models for design development and for presentation when required.

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Rudolfssen Alliker Associates Architects

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