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Rabih Hage Turns Leftover Dupont Corian Into A Modern Furniture Collection.

To launch the new colors of Dupont Corian® for 2012, Corian® presented an international exhibition at Milan Design Week titled “Corian® Colour Evolution.” As part of the exhibition, UK designer Rabih Hage proposed original products made with 'leftovers' from the new colours of DuPont™ Corian®, alone or in combination with other materials.

The Leftover Collection

The focus of Rabih’s four designs is on the use of leftover material and its reuse, treating the off-cuts and discarded planks used in the building of furniture as a “noble material”, reused in new luxurious furniture pieces.

“Leftover Table” desk or dining table:

“I have always been fascinated by unused material or discarded cuts of stone, wood or metal whether chea or expensive. Reusing these materials as a luxury product and treating the off-cuts as something precious is my real motivation. Especially, DuPont™ Corian®, which I regard as a luxurious material. I like the imperfection in patinated antique pieces, and the patina of time is something impossible to imitate, therefore, authentic. To get closer to this authenticity I regard the random layering of off-cuts as a noble design gesture and authentic in the building of my new designs for “Corian® Colour Evolution”. Imperfection is beauty; a discarded material is as noble and precious as a newly polished stone,” explains Rabih Hage.

"Colour Console” bookshelf:

“Colour Chair” desk chair:

“Leftover Armchair” visitors chair:

Rabih Hage, Design by Rabih Hage, Fabrication by Clarendon Fabrications, photos by Leo Torri for DuPont™ Corian®

About the designer:

Rabih Hage is an Architect, Designer, Curator and owner of Rabih Hage Design Studio and Rabih Hage Gallery. Rabih creates beautiful interiors and architecture with a cutting edge and creative vision. Rabih Hage contributes frequently to various publications and his work has been recognised with numerous awards including the Andrew Martin International Interior Designer of the Year in 2011.

Since 2001, Rabih has dedicated himself to contemporary design, architecture and creative collaborations, which lead him to discovering new talents and pioneering design and design-art. With a forward thinking approach Rabih Hage curates cutting edge furniture and works from up-and-coming designers and established talents, whilst directing his creative team at his Design Studio working on international interior and architecture projects with a unique vision. In 2008 Rabih Hage created the Rough Luxe Hotel which triggered a worldwide movement in design. Hage has established himself as a reference in new hotel concepts and developments, working with international hoteliers and developers, most recently completing the front or house of the Radisson Edwardian Guildford Hotel.

DuPont Corian®

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