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The Positively Impressive Paper Sculptings Of Jeff Nishinaka.

Paper sculptor Jeff Nishinaka has been at it for 28 years - and it shows. His intricate white and color paper sculptures have been used by such brands as Coca Cola, Visa, Paramount Pictures and Bloomingdales', to name a few.

Paper Sculptings Of Jeff Nishinaka

Initially intending to be a painter, he was studying at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena when he was given an assignment to experiment with mediums. It was then that he quickly developed a fondness for working with paper. And the rest is history.

Fun bit of trivia: Jackie Chan (the subject of the piece below) is a close friend of Jeff's and one of the largest collectors of his work.

Jeff Nishinaka
Jeff is represented by Bernstein and Andrulli

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