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Modern Teak Tubs & Sinks From Plavisdesign of Italy

Often thought of the most suitable hardwood for outdoor furnishings because of its hardiness when exposed to water, heat and humidity, teak makes for great bathroom tubs and sink basins as well.

Plavisdesign of Italy, who has a large selection of ceramic designs for the bath, has a special collection of modern teak wood tubs and wonderful sink vessels by Bulle Design, many of which were recently introduced in the trade shows.

The natural quality of the wood and the organic shapes combined with sink pedestals of glass and/ or stainless steel accents or fittings, make this collection suitable for many architectural styles or genres. Japanese miminalist, bauhaus, modernist or simply urban would all be appropriate environments for pieces from this collection.

Teak Tubs




Teak Sinks / Basins / Vessels








And the Teak Middle, a wall mounted shower:

In addition to this collection, Plavisdesign has many beautiful ceramic sinks, vessels, basins and tubs, too.

And worth noting is their new stunning modern Ari tub made of Corian and glass:

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